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Naskar 80's sitar vintage


The most remarkable aspect of this Naskar sitar built for Bhargava Musicals sometime during the 80's  is without doubt its extremely solid construction. The main tumba is very big and it is fully decorated with carvings of extremely quality, very clean and deep as shown in the pictures below. The penwork is really nice performed, same with the sitar pegs, which are very well carved.

The tabli is thick but it does not affect the volume of the instrument whick is pretty high, probably because of the main tumba which, as said previously, is of very big dimensions, so it has a very nice balance between sustain, depth and volume. The taraf response is a remarkable feature of this instrument too.

It has sambar deer horn bridges and a recently made new jawari.

The instrument is at our workshop in Barcelona ready to be shipped and a fibercase will be included with it. The upper tumba is missing but in case you want to add an upper tumba to this instrument, we can get one matching the main tumba's design for a fair price.







    Naskar 80's + case: 1545€
     Contact us at info@sitarsencat.com to purchase this instrument.