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We are back and more motivated than ever!


Check our collection of vintage instrument, these are updated in our site as soon as they are restored and perfectly adjusted.


At this time we have a significant amount of instruments in stock from the most preciated makers of all times like Kanailal, Hiren Roy, Hemen or Naskar. We are proud to keep the largest offer of vintage indian instruments of the net! Visit our "Vintage" section!


We store these unique instruments in our workshop located in Barcelona (Spain) so, feel free to contact us via mail to arrange a visit or to quotate the shipping costs to your location.


But, it's not all vintage.......we continue shipping new instruments all over the world, so if you can't find what you're looking for contact us, we're sure we can get what you're looking for.



*check our vintage and preowned section to see our latest additions*


Need to repair a sitar???? Or adjust your bridge??? Does not matter how bad the damage can look, we will bring to live your instrument again! Check our services in our "repairing section"! 


We hope you will enjoy exploring every section and we invite you to contact us and ask us directly. You might not find what you are exactly looking for in our site, but we will help you for sure!


Contact us at and share your doubts! Namaste!



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