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As you already may know, we have been out of business for a long time because of a force majeure. Despite of it, we expect to return to normality during this coming year  and accept new orders and get some new stock of instruments as we did in the past. At the same time we are already working in a new website and a showroom in Barcelona where you will be able to find top quality Indian instruments. All kind of repairings  and adjustments will be offered too.

Please be patient! From Sitarsencat we are working hard in getting back to normality. Meanwhile we will be updating soon our Vintage section with 9 new/old instruments including an old Rabab from Afghanistan. Please, click the banner below to acced to our vintage section. Old sitars are getting day by day harder to find and we feel proud to offer you these incredible instruments fully restored and adjusted! Thanks, Namaste!



Need to repair a sitar???? Or adjust your bridge??? Does not matter how bad the damage can look, we will bring to live your instrument again! Check our services in our "repairing section"! 






After our first years of life we want to sincerely thank all our customers for trusting us when choosing their instrument. Thanks to every one of you we have been able to grow and make our collection of instruments bigger.


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We hope you will enjoy exploring every section and we invite you to contact us and ask us directly. You might not find what you are exactly looking for in our site, but we will help you for sure!


Contact us at and share your doubts! Namaste!



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