Pyramid steel strings, made in Germany, are highly recommendable for its elasticity and resistance. Try them on your sitar or any other Indian instrument and feel the difference! 



Main String "Ma" (0.28)



Pyramid “Ma” string will make your practice easier due to its elasticity: pullings become less painful and you can practice for longer, suffering less.


 20 m. roll (15 strings approx.): 22€

 50 m. roll (35-40 strings approx): 35€


Taraf strings (0.25)



Pyramid Taraf strings make the sound clearer, as they are made of the best german steel. Try them and get a better sympathetic response.


 20 m. roll ( 40-60 strings approx.): 18€

 50 m. roll ( 100-150 strings approx.): 28€




We recommend our standard strings for other numbers and brass strings.