When buying an instrument at Sitarsencat you are doing a donation.

Buying any of our instruments you are donating the 5% of its cost to the school Maria Soliña of the organization Shanga India.


Shanga is an association formed by a group of friends, which you can become part of. It is a personal and selfless non-profit initiative whose objective is to provide education for children from an isolated region of India whom, due to their geographical location, can't count with education from their government.

Our mission is to give access to basic education (10 academic years) and nourishment to children that come from economically challenged families. We don't have big means nor a defined infrastructure. What we basically hope to accomplish is to offer help as directly as possible without losing money on bureaucratic or structural costs

If you want to do your own donation, and for more info, click the following banner. Thank you!