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Kanailal & Brother 1990


It Is well known Original Kanailal and brothers sitars are very hard to come by nowadays and they have become sort of treasure for musicians and collectors. We have been lucky to get this Ravi Shankar style sitar, crafted sometime between the end of the 80's beginning of the 90's so, during the last period of Kanailal's shop.

This magnificient instrument is made ouf of Teak wood and it has a bright sound, a very effective and powerful taraf response and a medium/high volume. Bridges and langot are made of sambar deer horn.

This sitar has some very impressive carvings , specially the ones in the tabli which are particularly elaborated. It has been recently adjusted and is sold with a "fresh jawari" 3/4 open.

We only have to notice the original pegs of this particular sitar are not of a very good quality, and we would suggest to anyone considering in buying it, to change them for a better ones as the ones you willl find under our "deluxe acessories" section. This could be done for a fair fee considering you are buying the instrument and it will improve even more the appareance and obviously, the tuning reliabilty of this fantastic instrument.


















  Kanailal & Brother 90's + case: 2150€
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