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kartar chand sitar vintage


Kartar chand Sharma, nephew of Rikhi Ram Sharma was one of the most eminent sitar makers from Delhi and his old sitars are nowadays comparable in terms of sound quality to those offered in old times by some of the most reputable kolkata sitar makers as Hiren roy or Hemen.

This sitar is a full decorated instrument made out very aged tunwood and it has a very big tumba. It has a high volume and it is very resonant, the taraf response is very delicate and it shows a nice sustain.

The carvings are performed with a lot of care and this fact can not just be confirmed taking a look at the tumba but at the main pegs too, which are extremely well crafted. The instrument includes deer horn bridges / langot  and jawary has been recently adjusted 3/4 open.

The instrument is ready to be shipped inmediately worldwide from our workshop in Barcelona.









 Kartar Chand 1970 + case

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