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Hiren Roy sitar 1906 60's


Hiren Roy does not need much introductions and is well known his old instruments are considered by many musicians as the "Rolls Royce" of the sitars. This is actually the reason why most of the top players in India play or have played his instruments. Instruments from the 60's/70's are specially coveted as it is believed the best HR instruments were crafted during that period.

This particular instrument has been dated from the end of the 60's beginning of the 70's, when the shop was at its top and it is kept in optimal conditions .

The sitar is a single tumba instrument with a sober deco and adjusted with 7 main strings following Ravi ji's style.  

It has been recently adjusted at our workshop at it is ready to go. Contact us in case you would like to purchase  this unique instrument or for any doubt you may have.








   Hiren Roy 1960 + case: 2145€

   Contact us at info@sitarsencat.com to purchase this instrument.