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Naskar 70/80's


Very rarely we are lucky enough to get vintage instruments in perfect condition. That is why most instruments need adjustments or small restorations before being sold.

This sitar made by Naskar at the end of the 70s that has recently come to us is an exception since it is preserved  in perfect shape and observing the main bridge it is easy to deduce the instrument was never played, in fact it still preserves the jawary original made by Naskar 50 years ago, which is pretty amazing!

The instrument is made of top quality tunwood with a very straight grain as can be seen in the "gullu" of the instrument. The main bridge, taraf, meru and tar-gahan are made of sambar deer horn and the wood carvings are extremely detailed.

The sound is everything you would expect from a vintage Naskar: very deep, with good sustain, balanced volume, and excellent sympathetic response.

This instrument includes a case for the sitar and another for the upper tumba.
















  Naskar 70's + fiberglass cases: 1750€


 Contact us at info@sitarsencat.com to purchase this instrument and quotate the           shipping cost to your location.