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afghani rabab rubab old vintage for sale


This instrument has come to us through and old customer of us who has decided to deposit this fantastic afghani Rabab on consignment to us.


This is a full scale rabab from afghanistan with an age between 25 and 30 years who belonged previously to a professional rabab player from Canada who ordered the instrument personally at the beginning of the 90's. The total length of this rabab is around 98 cm or 38.5 inches.


It is preserved in pristine conditions and despite we usually do not deal with instrument out of the Indian musical scenario, we think this special instrument deserves to have a place in our "vintage section" and find a new owner who will take care of it as good as its old owners did.


















  Afghani rabab +25 years old: 1995€

     Contact us at info@sitarsencat.com to purchase this instrument.