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Gurdial Sing 70's Vilayatkhani


          We have had very few old sitars from Gurdial Singh for sale at Sitarsencat, but we have been always very pleased and satisfied with the quality of the instruments crafted by this not much known Punjabi sitarmaker and reaffirming our experience, this Vilayatkhani sitar is not an exception at all.

This sitar is made out o tun wod and very solidly built, furthermore it has been upgraded with some of our deluxe accessories. A full set of main and taraf cocobolo pegs were fited with care improving the tuning stability and a transparent acrylic main bridge is adjusted to guarantee a long life jawari.

Jawari is close, into Shahid Parvez style sound and taraf strings sounds very round with a very effective response.








    Gurdial Singh 1970 + fiberglass case:   875€
 Contact us at info@sitarsencat.com to purchase this instrument and quotate the           shipping cost to your location.