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Hemen sarods have a great reputation having been the preferred ones of renowned musicians like Allahudin Khan, Ali Akbhar Khan or Amjad Ali Khan. Hemendra Sen, founder of the workshop, passed away in 2010 but his sons Tapan and Ratan continue the legacy of their father building excellent instruments.

Hemen sarods have a distinctive, particular sound. Made of  Indian Tun wood or Teak wood they can be made in one or two pieces. A one piece sarod is made from one single piece of wood while a two piece sarod is made in two parts: one piece is used to carve the main body while a second one is used to carve the pegbox, then both pieces are united and glued together.


A short number of sarods are produced in Hemen workshop, this and the high price of this instruments are the reasons why we do not usually have them on stock. But we do accept orders for Hemen instruments according to your requirements. The time to make this instruments is approximately 6 months. Amjad Ali Khan sarods are also available. Do contact us with your preferences and requirements.




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