kolkatta Series


According to our aim: offering top quality instruments at reasonable price, now you can see the following sitars from Kolkatta, which, in the last years, turned out to be the best example of top quality at low price. Its purchase certainly is a success and it has convinced not only us but also our most discerning clients.

All sitars come with a fibreglass case. This is the only way to guarantee the instrument arrives safe from India. For that reason we do not sell any instrument without its fibreglass case.

All sitars are sent by air from India, as that’s the best way to protect the instrument from any damage. Other means of transport, such as sea mail are dangerous and can cause real disasters in the instrument (as, for example, due to the humidity the instrument is exposed to). In Sitarsencat  we personally select the instruments and supervise the shipping, and this is our hallmark. Thus, we can guarantee the best quality of every single instrument from Sitarsencat.














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